David Jayne Hill Court is a complex of buildings named after the university’s second president. Dedicated Oct. 18, 1969, Hill Court was opened to upperclassmen, specifically sophomores and juniors. The dormitories were part of a three-phase expansion of the university that would eventually accomodate 900 resident students by the early 1970s. Hence, the nickname Phase. Phase is one of the first dormitory complexes in the country that was designed with considerable help from students. When the concept of a new dorm was devised, President Wallis suggested that students play an intricate role in the planning. Fifty-five undergraduate students were selected at random and divided into eight teams. Each team was given cost and design data and asked to make suggestions as to what they would like to see in the new dorms. A report was compiled and given to the architect in 1965. The second and third phases were expected to open by 1971, and would have housed approximately 400 students. Phases II and III were to be located just to the east of Phase I, across from the railroad tracks between the Genesee River and the Mt. Hope Cemetery, on a 16-acre plot that the university bought from the city of Rochester. The buildings were supposed to be towers because the land is narrow.Phases II and III were obviously never completed, but the name lives on.

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