Jonathan Herbert, President of the Undergraduate Student Association at Eastman, and myself, president of the Graduate Student Association at Eastman, would like to respond to the outragous comic published in your most recent issue of the Campus Times. We would like to send a formal letter to your newspaper. Please let me know when you need the letter so that it can be printed in the next issue of your newspaper.

Thank you.

Paul MillerPresident, Graduate Student Association.

A secret that cannot be told

When you lose a part of yourself, it never really comes back completely. I didn’t time travel when I played anymore.

The catchphrase “I’m not racist”

Nowadays, it seems like anything you do can be, in some way, shape, or form, “racist.”

Sue Connections!

You aren’t paying for a cold brew, calling it one is misleading, and there are these really cool things called lawsuits!