One of the main facets of Students? Association president-elect John LaBoda?s campaign platform was the concept of class councils. The implementation of freshman housing next year makes it the ideal time to create these councils.

The councils would not be a part of student government, and instead would be run by students who are simply interested in providing quality programming for their classes. Class councils would not be responsible to anyone but the students, and would be able to coordinate and run events without having to deal with some of the bureaucracy that currently exists in the SA.

The councils would behave in much the same manner that the Senior Class Council does now, providing fun activities for each class. The atmosphere and social climate on campus will only be improved by having an organization to provide more programs for the students.

Class councils will do more than just promote unity within each class. The councils will do much to counteract the isolating effect that freshman housing may have on the freshman class. The class councils would work with special interest groups to create programming that would benefit the class, and also allow for the special interest groups to have contact with freshmen and encourage them to become involved in the different groups.

Councils would work together to plan interclass activities and competitions as a way to increase interaction between classes that would otherwise be fairly separated.

Good-natured competition in games like basketball, volleyball and tug-o-war can do a lot to promote connections between the class years, and will also create new traditions on campus. LaBoda envisions an award that would be named the ?Meliora Cup? which would be awarded to the class that wins the most competitions, and be passed on from year to year.

These councils would also be able to engage in long-range planning for events like commencement, far enough in advance to book preferred speakers.

Creating class councils will benefit each individual class and the school as a whole in its quest to create spirit at UR.

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