It?s that time of the year when television shows permiere their best shows. The February sweeps have an incredible lineup of drama, comedy and reality TV shows. Who will emerge the winner in the TV network cat-fight?

? Thursday: ?Friends?8 p.m., Channel 10 (NBC), 40 min.As ?Survivor: the Australian Outback? goes up against ?Friends? the choice is dfficult. This week, Jason Alexander guest stars, promising a barrel of laughs. If this doesn?t do it for you , then how about ten more minutes of Matthew Perry and/or Jennifer Aniston.

? Friday: ?Two Guys and a Girl?8 p.m., Channel 13 (ABC), 30 min.?The Aftermath? ? Let this show play in the background while get ready to go out and play on a Friday night. It may just grab your attention.

? Saturday: ?My Best Friend?s Wedding?9 p.m., Channel 13 (ABC), 105 min.Someone?s been listening to my prayers. Julia Roberts once again flashes her gorgeous smile in this flick. The moral of the story is never fall in love with your best friend ? fall in love with Rupert Everette.

? Sunday: ?Pro Bowl?6 p.m., Channel 8 (CBS), 180 min. It?s time to live vicariously through the best athletes in the NFL as they enjoy Honolulu, while we struggle to survive here in the tundra. The best in the game come together for some more football for the all-star game.

? Monday: ?Ally McBeal?9 p.m., Channel 31 (Fox), 60 min.?Hats off to Larry? ? Robert Downey Jr. signed 10 episodes for the show and the time has come for number 10. So lets hope this is not the last time we get a chance to see this cutie on the network.

? Tuesday: ?That ?70s Show?8 p.m., Channel 31 (Fox), 30 min.?Radio Daze? ? If you haven?t become an avid viewer of this show, its about time you give it a chance. You will be pleasantly surprised.

? Wednesday: ?Dawson?s Creek?8 p.m., Channel 54 (WB), 60 min. Will tonight be the night that Joey and Pacey finally have sex? Enough said.So stop reading and start clicking.

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