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Captain America is mediocre, inconsequential

The film, unfortunately, makes the same mistakes that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” made just over a month ago.

Batman and Superman fight, and the audience loses

Contrary to popular belief, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is not a bad movie. In fact, it, at times, excels and revels in some truly awe-inspiring scenes that bring mythological depth to the titular characters of the film—a feat that not even some critically-acclaimed Marvel movies can claim.

At halftime, Beyonce delivers much needed message

Bruno Mars and Beyoncé certainly rejuvenated my confidence that this show wasn’t going to be a complete letdown.

‘Room’ is full of surprises

It’s one of those films where knowing absolutely nothing about it is the only way to watch it.

Goodbye, Alan Rickman

Not since the death of Robin Williams has an actor so ingrained in our childhood passed away.

Bill Nye to visit UR for Yellowjacket Weekend

On July 31, Campus Activities Board’s (CAB) announced on Facebook that Bill Nye would be this year’s Yellowjacket Weekend Speaker,…

A Q&A with an individual from Indiana

Governor Mike Pence of the gracious state of Indiana revealed to the Campus Times his real motivation for signing the…

Dance competition provides high-energy entertainm

On Saturday, March 28, UR Ballroom Dancing hosted their first ever dance show at Douglass Dining Hall. Entitled “Dancing with…

UR raises tuition rates for 2015-16

This past weekend, UR administration announced the tuition, room and board rates for the upcoming 2015-2016 year. Tuition for undergraduates…

Oscar Series: “Boyhood”

We learned in high school what a bildungsroman is–it’s an genre that demonstrates the coming-of-age of the main character of…