I read with interest the letter to the editor by the chairperson of the Black Student Union, Monique Terry, defending the Black Student Union.This lead me to ask the question; in this day and age, when the catch word of the day is,”Diversity” and “inclusiveness”, why then is there a need for a “Black”, “Asian”,”Latino”,”Gay&Lesbian”(etc) Student Union? It would seem college campuses do more to divide people then to unite. Why do people want to single out people by race, creed,national origion, and gender orientation? If we are so enlightened, why is there not just one Student Union that includes everyone, and lets everyone be heard? Imagine the money and resources that could be saved and invested in real diversity.Just asking.

Live action remakes: If it ain’t broke, do it again but worse

For the most part, these movies are just rehashes — visually bland and feebly attempting to offset their lack of originality with celebrity cameos and nostalgia bait.

Blindspots: Unconditional aid is turning Israel into a rogue state

This unconditional aid has empowered a small regional power to drift further and further from international accountability. 

Laser Lab announces new partnership with local humane society

The LLE has partnered with Lollypop Farm to provide a fun, mentally stimulating activity for their many cats.