Wow … I haven?t been around very long, so I don?t have stories from years gone by. But I do have some great memories I?ll take with me … all y?all at the CT were very welcoming when I needed to meet friendly new people, and I?ll always remember and appreciate that. And to think, it was all started by a dinner with Todd that got…delayed. Thanks, Todd, for giving me what has turned out to be one of the best parts of my year. Here?s to the estrogen-controlled copy desk, the infamous wink (Be good, Tyler!), copy groupie coffee runs (they?re your responsibility now, Jill) and 98.9 the BUZZ (?80s music forever! Keep it going when I?m gone, Sara and Dan). I?ll miss the Towers posse walks and talks, Pat, Alissa and Susana. Good luck with the name pronunciation revolution, Mansi, Megha and Nasser! Rebecca Roberts, Party Animal ? I hope the cartoons get better. I hope Thomas gives us more fantastic headlines like ?War on drugs bad. Very bad. yes yes,? and thanks Photo for ?You are my cutline, my only cutline.? And of course, I can?t forget and the amusement it provided. Sports, I hope y?all are finally rid of the Dreaded BOX! Hugs to everyone else. I wish all my ?darlins? the best of everything. I love you all, will miss you tons, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. See y?all later! 🙂

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