Yesterday, a friend of mine warned me not to look at the maps in the tunnel system because everyone would know that I was a freshman. Yesterday, I ran with the team to GVP and realized that was where I used to run in high school. Yesterday, I met Lea and others at orientation and we all laughed at the poor girl for her follies. Yesterday, I hugged my parents and walked toward my new home. Today, four years have passed. I suppose that I have seen the whole campus now. I have seen the other side of the world now. Pretty amazing how much can happen in a day. ?Life moves pretty fast. If you don?t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.? ? Ferris Bueller, 1986. So now I am moving on. BennyB and Lea, see you in sexual Europe. Roommate! Miss you. Miss delirium, miss talking all night, miss entertaining Lea. BennyB, thanks for all the education and our Thursday meetings. Benny BEEE!! Wood boys, I have enjoyed Thursdays (drunk or not, Jeffy). Mama, Papa and Doogie, don?t worry, I?ll be back someday ? after I hit all seven continents. I?m going to Disney World! (Well, maybe not, but it was a nice try.)

A look into 2023 sorority recruitment

Recruitment is a time of both confusion and excitement, both from those who choose to rush and those who do not, but this period also included learning and adjustment on the sides of Panhellenic executive members and sisters participating in running recruitment as well.

Blackout in a can: a brief history of Four Loko

“Blackout in a can,” “The pregame and postgame,” and “Battery acid” are all terms that have been used in reference to potentially the most infamous drink.

With increase in car thefts, Public Safety releases new statement

Cars targeted in thefts have recently been Kias and Hyundais, with the reasoning behind this increase for these models being a current TikTok challenge.