?Senior Darren Gaul, junior Dan Levine and sophomore Stephen Duszlak swept the field in the javelin event Saturday at the UR Alumni Invitational. They threw the javelin distances of 177 feet, 156 feet and 155 feet respectively.

? Sophomore Joanna Toke played first singles during UR?s game against 13th ranked Skidmore. Despite the team loss, Toke stepped up to defeat Amy Wachenheim, who is ranked second in the eastern region in straight sets.

? Freshman Erika Wasserstein proved to be a top competitor in the women?s 1500-meter event last Saturday as she finished second in this event for the second straight week. Junior Mandy Danforth placed fourth in the 1500-meter race with Wasserstein with her best time this season. She also ran her first 800-meter race and ran UR?s best time in the event.

Across the galaxy with RPO’s “The Planets”

The audience, in turn, leaves with awe, intrigue, and a heavier resonance with the distant planets that we find so familiar.

Accomplished ethnomusicologist Dr. Kofi Agawu lectures on African Art Music at Eastman

Agawu’s lecture centered on African Art Music, a thriving genre across Africa that includes compositions hailing from the Western tradition.

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I enjoy the occasional coding problem, as the differently-colored special words scratch a certain itch deep, deep down in my monkey brain.