You can do it anytime of the day, with whomever you want. While it varies in quality, you always come back for more.

Sound like sex? Well, unfortunately, I?m only talking about going to the movies.

It?s not always the movie itself that makes or breaks your viewing experience. Sometimes the people around you can heighten your pleasure. I recently saw ?Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,? and a hefty black man happened to sit down in front of me. When the first fight scene began he uttered an ?Oh baby!? that was so low and loud that I was briefly convinced Barry White was sitting in front of me. His continuous comments added a comedic element that the film otherwise lacked.

At other times, your friends are the ones causing the ruckus. In high school, I dragged a male teddy bear-of-a-friend of mine to see ?Titanic,? knowing full well that it was the utmost chick flick around.

He made so many smart-ass comments during the film that when it was over, I thought the people sitting in front of us were going to slug him. Instead, they told him that they liked his sound effects during the car make-out scene.

Perhaps my favorite movie memory was a date I had in Australia. The guy and I had only been out a few times and we were in that place where you?re still trying to figure the other person out ? you know, whether he leaves the door open when he pees or remembers your birthday.

We were already late for the movie, so we dashed into the 25-theater Cineplex. After searching for the right theater, we quickly became frustrated. I wasn?t wearing my glasses that night because either my head is lopsided or my glasses are ? I haven?t been able to decide which is the culprit.

Anyway, I decided that to correct this sordid situation I had to lay my insecurities aside. As soon as I turned around, corrective vision and all, I noticed that my date was gone.

At first I thought that maybe it was his Australian version of a joke, that he had found the theater and was just waiting around the corner to surprise me. To my distress, when I finally discovered where the movie was playing he was nowhere to be found.

I decided to circle the theater.

After half an hour of this game I gave up and chose to watch the movie solo. After all, it was free, although I was technically on a date by myself.

When the movie ended I proceeded to the door, hoping he would be there, because if nothing else, he was my ride home and I didn?t know the outskirts of Adelaide, Australia very well.

It turned out he had gone to the bathroom and thought I had seen him. When he realized I was gone, he had also gone into the theater and also circled it for about 45 minutes to no avail. It was then that I realized we were destined to be together ? after all, we?re both a little slow.

So when making your decision to see your next flick, think about the other factors as well. Do you have strange friends? A loopy date? If so, you might even find that ?Dude, Where?s My Car?? can be entertaining.

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