Why is parking at UR so expensive? This is a popular question among students. Tired of all the empty complaints, I decided to pay parking services a visit. Before the meeting, I investigated to see if it was true that there is cheaper parking at other schools.

I called University of Buffalo, Cornell, Rochester Institute of Technology and SUNY Brockport and asked about cost per student and faculty, amount of parking spaces and penalty fees. What I found out was that Cornell was the only school that charges more than UR.

I thought this was perfect evidence for another disregard of the students? best interest by the administration.

I took my research and went to see UR?s Director of Parking Services Glen Sicard, who suprisingly is a really nice man. I was determined to find out where our money was going.

What I found was that Parking Services does much more than ticketing ? as impossible as it may seem.

Here are some eye-opening facts:

Parking services provide security cameras, blue light phones and officers to help guard your car. There is also a Late Night Ride Home program with a local cab service for only $2 and the first parking violation that you get is dismissed with an on-time appeal.

These are services not provided by many other schools. Some even hide their parking and transportation costs within the tuition fee so their parking charges appear minimal.

There is also no promise that you will get a space that is a closer walk than from Laser Lot to CLARC.

However, every rose has its thorns. and parking definitely has areas that need improvement. The recent surge in parking related crimes show that there need to be additional security measurements ? the cameras are not working to safeguard us and our cars.

Also, with the increase in need for personal vehicles on campus the creation of more parking spaces needs to be considered ? even if deck construction is costly, it may be necessary.

After all, it is the duty of the provider to listen and to try to supply the needs and demands of the consumer. Solutions are overdue, and it takes a team effort ? students working with Parking services. Communication is key to improvement.

I?m tired of students just buying into the parking myth and whining about the service without doing some research.

In the same token, I think that Parking Services should put forth a better effort in engaging the opinions of the faculty, staff and students before they face a severe case of road rage.

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