During my four years as a student here, it was always struck me as odd that very few people attend Friday- night basketball games.

Don?t worry, this isn?t some advocacy campaign for more school spirit. I?m a senior, and a bitter senior at that. I don?t have the time or desire to start any rallies when I should be looking for a job. This is more of a introspective personal study as to why students may or may not attend basketball games.

So let?s say it?s Friday evening in late January. You just got back from winter break and you really don?t have a lot of work to do. And besides, it?s Friday night and there really isn?t a good reason you should be doing work.

The truth of the matter is you aren?t going to start your work until about Sunday at 8:30 p.m. after ?The Simpsons,? but that?s a whole other phenomenon that can be discussed at a later date.

OK, so we?ve established you aren?t going to do any work. What are you going to do tonight? Well it?s too cold to go to the Frat Quad, and you haven?t been paying attention to any signs on campus about concerts, plays or any other cultural kind of stuff.

So on-campus is out ? but you think to yourself, there is a whole world out there ? let?s go off-campus.

Your first problem is probably finding a car. For the purposes of this exercise, we will suppose that you have one. You can?t go to a bar because that crappy New Jersey fake ID was taken away at the Elmwood Inn last semester and you don?t want to pay eight bucks for a movie because you saw everything over break, when you had nothing else to do.

Now, there isn?t anything to do off-campus other than a bar or movie. And don?t tell me you are going bowling because, again, I know you went at least three, maybe four times over break.

You have nothing to do. Why doesn?t the following idea occur to you ? hey, why don?t I grab three of my friends, get wasted and go to the 8 p.m. hoops game?

(For the record, I am disvowing myself from any underage drinking that may indirectly occur as a result of this column.)

If one quarter of the student population would follow these simple instructions, everyone would have a good time ? I guarantee it.

But again, the only reason that I am writing this is because I find it amusing that a very, very small percentage of people have come to this conclusion.

I told you, I?m just a bitter senior.

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