The women’s lacrosse team went on the road last weekend, defeating 16th seeded Ithaca College in an exciting triple-overtime victory by a score of 11-10.

Ithaca has become a rival team for the Yellowjackets over the last two seasons. Head coach Andrea Golden was Ithacas head coach for 14 years before coming to UR.

Ithaca defeated UR in their first two meetings after Golden took over as head coach at UR, but the Yellowjackets have dominated the rivalry,winning their last four meetings.

“The Ithaca reputation continues to command respect and consistency,” Golden said.

“The more success UR has against a well-respected program, the better for UR to become recognized as a highly competitive, skilled and spirited program,” he continued.

The Yellowjackets faced serious competition against Ithaca, with the score see-sawing throughout the game.

UR jumped to a 2-1 lead early on, but Ithaca answered back, jumping to a 5-3 lead with 10 minutes remaining in the first half.

Freshman Katie Riegel and junior Lauren Mele finished the first half by scoring two key goals. This cut the Yellowjackets deficit to only one goal.

The second half saw an increase in offense from both teams.

UR jumped to a 10-8 lead with two minutes left in the second half, but Ithaca scored two quick goals in the last two minutes of the game to tiethe score at 10 after regulation.

The teams then went to sudden-death overtime during which senior captain and goaltender Arna Berke-Schlessel made five key saves to keep UR in the game.

The Yellowjackets had five shots on goal in the three overtime periods.

They were able to capitalize in the third overtime scoring a goal at the 1:46 minute mark.

Berke-Schlessel had an impressive 20 saves for the day in the winning effort.

Ithaca has always been a force to contend with because the team is fast and quick, but UR was able to pull off a hard-fought win. However, theteam continues to hold the upper-hand in the rivalry.

“The key to winning the game is the tremendous desire and smart play by the players at critical moments throughout the game,” Golden said.

Conditioning and mental ability also played a key role into the three overtime periods.

Junior Jessica Ler-man scored four goals while junior captain Jenny Rogers picked up two goals and an assist. Riegel also contributed two goals and two assists.

Mele, freshman Me-lanie Branski and freshman Sharon La-Vaute also picked up one goal apiece.

The Yellowjackets have a busy schedule this weekend when they face Alfred State University Thursday, March 29 at 7 p.m. at Fauver Stadium.

UR will play the following day at 6 p.m. against SUNY Brock-port at home.

UR will face competition again as it travels to face Geneseo this Saturday.

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