Junior Jess Lerman earned the UR Notable Yellowjacket honor after her phenomenal contribution in last Saturday?s game against Ithaca College. Lerman scored 4 minutes, 14 seconds into sudden death overtime to lead UR to a 11-10 victory over Ithaca and even up its record at 1-1.

Lerman has been a key contributor to the Yellowjackets offense in her last two years on the squad. She led in scoring last season with a total of 44 goals and was named to the All-State Team, the All-Academic Team and the Regional All-America Team.

This superstar player from Penn Yan, NY has been playing lacrosse since eighth grade. In her spare time off the field, she entertains her boredom by ?Snooding, calculating and eating paste,? she said.

Aside from concentrating on her economics degree, Lerman said she has hopes this season to ?become more of an asset as a two-way player.? From her record compiled in the last two years, Lerman has a good shot of achieving that goal. Her talent and success as a Yellowjacket began her freshman year when she was recognized as the Rookie of the Year.

Beyond her personal goals, Lerman sees the team pulling itself together well this season.

?We have a good shot at more than just a winning season and having a post-season. I also think there is a possibility to win our conference,? she said.

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