Don?t forget to go to the MS walk Sunday, April 1 at 8 a.m. It will be starting from the Al Sigl Center. Groups co-sponsoring the MS walk include the Students? Association Senate, the Community Service Network, Students Together In Networking Graduates, Hill Court Community Assistants and the undergraduate neuroscience council.

Why you should care about Fantasy Football?

I’ve been on a fantasy football team with my dad for as long as I can remember.

Fringe Festival belly dance performances: Desert Rhythms and Dylaina Alexandria

Many different styles of belly dance were showcased through solos, duets, and group work, as well as usage of props such as veils, canes, and swords.

In The Spotlight: “The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We”

Each song masterfully blends the natural acoustic and orchestral elements of the album with Mitski’s poetically devastating lyricism.