Lizzy was nominated by track coach Barbara Hartwig following her performances in UR?s meet this past weekend against the Rochester Institute of Technology and Alfred State University. She won the 200-meter dash and 55-meter hurdles. She also earned a second place in the 55-meter race, as well as running the lead-off leg on the winning 4×200-meter relay.

But running is not Lizzy?s only talent. This two-year track veteran is currently pursuing a double major in English and Spanish at UR. Her dedication also shines in her role as the president of the D?Lions organization.

In her free time, Lizzy has found passions off the track. In addition to her new hobby of skiing, she is also an active participant in the UR intramural program. However, as a dedicated Yellowjacket, she devotes most of her time to improving her performances and striving for team and personal excellence.

So what does this multi-talented student-athlete want to do in the future?

?I think I?ll run forever,? she said. ?Once college ends, I?ll just become a road racer.?

?I don?t think there are that many community hurdle races,? she jokes.

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