Buckle up football fans, the big day is approaching quickly. The day that football fans all around the United States have been waiting for. The game plans are set and the players? butterflies are beginning to flutter.

That?s right fans, your home state NY/NJ Hitmen will be taking the field against the Outlaws from Las Vegas Feb. 3 for the beginning of the Xrteme Football League season.

And that?s only one game on the full slate for the inaugural season of the WWF?s version of professional football.

What is this new concept all about? The idea of the X-treme Football League is to combine professional wrestling with professional football in an extreme type of atmosphere. Translation: a new publicity stunt because Dennis Rodman is not bringing in the ratings for the WWF anymore.

Spokesmen say that you could see anything in this league ? from a quarterback dating a cheerleader to obliterating tackles on kickoffs. The XFL committee has come up with many new rules to try and make the game more exciting.

I?ve read all the rules on www.xfl.com and they don?t seem to be any more interesting than what the NFL already has in place.

What could be more exciting than watching a team return a kickoff, complete with a lateral, to win a game and advance in the playoffs? Sorry Buffalo Bills fans?

If the WWF is trying to add suspense, letting the players date the cheerleaders is a poor way to do it. I think that watching an NFL player stand trial for murdering his wife is suspenseful enough.

For $25 to $30 you can get yourself a ticket to go see a bunch of washed up players trying to make the sport of football more extreme. Personally, I think if Hulk Hogan came back to play in the XFL things would get a little more exciting.

Picture this: Hulk Hogan at fullback with Rowdy Rowdy Piper back at running back. Now that is excitement.

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