The Eastman School of Music is world-renowned and it brings UR tremendous acclaim. When students think of great musical performances, they usually associate them with Eastman, not the River Campus. But it?s time we appreciate the music emanating from our own backyard.

The Midnight Ramblers, the Yellowjackets, Chari Vari, the Mazel Tones and Vocal Point are five immensely talented a cappella groups that highlight a well-organized and successful music program here on the River Campus.

In fact, the Midnight Ramblers and the Yellowjackets each recently had one song chosen to be on the 17 track BOCA (Best of Collegiate A cappella) CD. Kudos to these groups for their meritorious accomplishment.

The River Campus is well represented in this CD collection among other top-notch groups from well-known schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University, the University of Michigan and Stanford University, having beat out more than 300 submissions for a place on the album.

A high-quality music program, such as the one found here on River Campus, makes it feasible for these groups to exist and showcase their talents.

Its time to get excited about more than just seeing the sun on a winter day. Let?s come out of hibernation and go watch these groups, who are not only entertaining and hard working but are also looking for our support. This is a surefire way to increase UR?s name recognition among the masses.

Furthermore, this is a perfect opportunity for UR come together with spirit and show support for the these groups as they will host and compete in the Mid-Atlantic Regional competition Feb. 17 here in Strong Auditorium. After all it?s no fun to perform if there isn?t an audience to watch.

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