I am a Freshman born and raised in the home of the Kentucky Derby. My academic plans for my four years here at the U of R are to be a Psychology Major and Biology minor. My future career goal is becoming a physician. I am a member of the Charles Drew Pre-health Society, Black Student Union, U of R Gospel Choir, and the Little Buddies program.

I want to be a Student Senator because I believe I am qualified to represent the Towers. I want to try to get to know as many people in the two Towers as well as their ideas for activities so we can make our time spent in Towers as memorable as possible. I also want to be the voice of the Towers residence halls so that the SA is aware of any needs or concerns residents of the Towers may have. My main goal as a Student Senator is to create a more dynamic community setting for the Towers residence halls by having activities that stress group effort from everyone.

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