Ruthie Varkovitzky

Throughout my time here at the University of Rochester, I have witnessed a thriving and successful community. My experience as a student and an active member of Hall Council have led me to work with administrators and students to make a positive impact on student and academic life. This campus truly provides a foundation for a meaningful learning experience for its students; but there remains room for change. The University has an obligation to maintain a direct mode of communication with its students in order to foster a sense of school pride and spirit. Students should feel that they are a part of the decision-making process regarding all aspects of University life. Efforts such as the improvement of Residential Halls and Housing, as well as Dining and Academic Services will be well served by a more organized method of input from the student body. Our school offers a wide range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities that students can use as a forum for expressing their opinions, but these options are not clearly presented. It is my intention to use my future position as SA Senator to improve these lines of communication and focus on the needs of the student body. Vote for me, Ruthie Varkovitzky.

Is UR ready for ChatGPT?

Primo envisions this technological advancement being integrated into classes and assessments in the future.

Research at Rochester: Anthropology fellowship supports and collaborates with local community

LEAF works closely with the local organization Flower City Noire Collective (FCNC) to carry out ethnographic research.

A letter to the editor: abortion is healthcare

The ethical necessity for abortion is not up for debate. Bodily autonomy and the right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term is a human right.