To all who are concerned,

Hello, my name is Mengzhu (Meng) Wang and I am re-running for the position of Students? Association?s Presidency. My motivation is the same as it has ever been. I believe that in the microcosm that is our University, there exists a fundamental ideal of life that could and must be obtained. Although I believe we are closer to achieving that ideal than a year ago, we have still yet to arrive.

The Executive branch of any government does all that is necessary to alleviate the concerns of those it serves, which is precisely what my administration has done this term. We undertook issues ranging from increasing school spirit, to examining disciplinary policy and diversity awareness, to dining and succeeded just as we had set out to do. Events such as the game at St. John Fisher that drew 400 cheering U.R. students in support of our sports team, and the Masquerade Ball have fostered a stronger sense of community. We also improved dining by helping to bring declining balance to the Corner Store. Moreover, we formulated changes to the entire dining system, making it fair; meaning those who have a meal plan will not have to burden the entire overhead cost of having a dining system. These changes are under review and will be implemented next year.

Last year my platform was “Whatever it takes to make life better.” Now, I am wiser with experience, and understand a key issue that would improve life in a lasting way on this campus — it is to build a pub. The expressed interest by the student body for a pub on campus that is open until early morning has been around for a long time with no fruition due to monetary constraints. I believe that such a gathering place is desperately needed so students have a place to further develop community and traditions. If re-elected, I will do all that I can to raise the capital needed to build a pub on the River Campus. A statement such as this is easy to disregard, but I urge you not to. I have already laid the groundwork, and believe that my track record supports me when I say that I have the experiences in fund raising needed to accomplish this goal.

Beyond anything I have said thus far, next year will be pivotal in the life of our University. Freshmen Housing will be in its first year of implementation. This directly translates to challenges against the well being of every club, Special Interest Housing group, and Greek organization. I have scrutinized the process of Freshmen Housing for the past year and have played an integral part in its detailing. I believe these organizations are critical and must be fully supported more than ever in the upcoming year. To accomplish this, experience is essential. I have been involved in student life since the first semester of my freshman year. For the past year I have been President, and have provided the student body with notable results. I have proven myself repetitively.

My motivation for re-running has not changed. My goals have become more focused. I want to make life better on this campus, and ask for your support to allow me in doing so.


Meng Wang

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