If you?ve been to CLARC and used a computer there, you?ve probably seen The Hive (http://sa.rochester.edu). A few of us came up with the idea last year, bounced around designs and formats, and got it done. No hassle, no extended debates, and no time wasted. That?s efficiency!

Now that you?ve seen one of the things I?ve accomplished, what is it that you want? As Chair of the Senate Public Relations Committee, I recently have been asking a lot of students that very question and receiving some great ideas. Online registration is within our reach, along with continued reform of dining plans, increased knowledge of campus services, improved methods of student activity fee appropriation, and much more.

And now that I know what you want, give me the ability to get it done! Senior year is a time of planning for the future, looking back on the past, and trying to find a way to leave your mark on the University. The upcoming months could be the time of better parking and tighter security, but only if you make it that way by voting.

You don?t even have to get out of your comfortable chair! Telnet into mail, type “vote,” follow the simple instructions, and vote for Daryl DuLong. (Remember, you can vote for 2 people for the Class of 2002.)

For more information on me, please visit my web site at:http://daryl.dnsalias.com and let me know your thoughts and opinions. Above all, be sure to get out and vote!

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