The At-Large senator elected by the student body, should be one who above all represents the student body. This representative should be one of responsibility, honesty, and fair mindedness. These are qualities I have, and will continue to bring to the senate if re-elected.

One of my goals as senator has been to make myself more available to students in order to hear their thoughts on issues and pass that on to the administration. I would like to work to make sure that senate dose more to involve students in decisions, and that its services have more of a direct benefit to the student body. This includes more hand-on projects, such as student service projects, academic award projects, and community service projects. I would like to see senate achieve this through closer, more productive relationships with the various SA groups. I feel the best way for the senate to serve students is though helping the SA groups serve students.

Some specific issues on which I have heard students voice opinions on that I would like to work on are student parking and food services. I would like to address some of the student parking procedures including ticketing and the appeals process. I would also like to be involved in making sure that students’ interest are accounted for in the freshmen housing move next year.

This is our school, we should have a say in what goes on.



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