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Not Vanilla: Jenna Marbles

Alright, reader. It’s time. It’s time for me to admit my maybe outdated slight obsession with Jenna Marbles. Maybe you’re…

Not Vanilla: At the crossroads of sass and serious

Reader, these past few weeks I have been watching some daytime TV. I cable access where I live. Instead, I’ve…

Not Vanilla: On breakup videos

The other day I was browsing YouTube and proceeded to fall down what some call a “YouTube hole.” I started…

Queens, wigs, and RuPaul

I recently delved into a whole new side of the YouTube and of pop culture: the fantastic realm that is RuPaul’s “Drag Race.”

‘Sad Rap’ sounds pretty good

For those who don't know, Jonathan Leandoer is a musical visionary from Sweden who became popular in 2013 with his polarizing rap mixtape, "Unknown Death 2002."

Ultraviolet meshes hip hop, nature

Part of the reason Ultraviolet's YouTube channel is so wonderful is because his videos are simple yet inspiring, just like his beats.

A whole new ‘Worldview’

"Global Worldwide" isn't so much creepy as it is futuristic.

Al Qadiri ahead of her time

Qadiri has some of the most visually stimulating and enchanting music videos I've ever seen.

“madcatlady” is a work of art

“madcatlady's” videos are insanely creepy. The characters and music in her videos are the stuff of nightmares.

“theneedledrop” is more than a review

Look, “theneedledrop,” a.k.a Anthony Fantano, is literally one of the greatest music reviewers of all time.