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Student documentary recognizes dining workers

The eight-minute documentary brought together all parts of the dining experience, incorporating interviews with students, workers, and Director of Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cameron Shauf.

Tampons initiative off to rocky start

In its first two weeks of its rollout as the 5K Challenge winner, the Pads and Tampons Initiative has seen over half of those funds sapped.

Failed SA prank angers students

Students were left reeling last Sunday in the wake of an April Fools’ Day prank gone wrong.

Here’s where they’ve been

Last December, we asked SA President Vito Martino and Vice President Lance Floto where they’d been after failing to live up to the expectations they’d set for themselves during last spring’s election.

Button walk aims for accessibility

Campus Services Committee Chair and senior Dan Matthews, was inspired by the Walk for Light last fall.

SA Constitution rewrite tabled for the semester

The decision follows several weeks of contentious discussion at Senate meetings and a lack of transparency for both senators and the student body.

UR A Star Award to recognize staff

The award is part of Brown’s larger UR Stars in Service Campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the work done by UR staff members.

Here’s everything SA Senate has been able to see about the Constitution rewrite

See for yourself all that's been shared with the Senate by the CTF.

Students and new info scarce at SA Constitution forum

Tuesday's town hall did little to provide further transparency on the rewriting of SA’s central document.

SA multilingual maps initiative gaining traction

In addition to maps, admissions materials, and campus tours, the initiative will also implement multilingual convocation and commencement materials and orientation events.