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Research Rochester: Pillow encourages resilience through dance

β€œIt’s about celebrating how you can move, how useful that is and how beautiful that is. Everyone moves, so everyone can dance.”

Research Rochester: Biochemist Hoey finds candidates for bio-based materials

Scientists, including Madeline Hoey, are working to develop bio-based composites from plant waste to replace unsustainable petroleum-based materials.

Research Rochester: Senior astrophysicist explores the mysteries of the universe

Astrophysicist Elise McCarthy spent her summer at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in La Serena, Chile, characterizing Reticulum III, a dwarf galaxy so small, it might not be a galaxy at all.

Undergrad pairs with professors to fight cancer

Undergraduate science research both accelerates scientific discovery and offers a unique opportunity to undergraduates to contribute to and participate in cutting-edge research.