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The value of journalism

Unlike most writing, good journalism doesn’t justify itself; instead, it’s justified by its subject.

Remember this pandemic

If I’ve learned anything about CT as Publisher, it’s that when we do our best work, we represent the memory of the student body.

The problem with American news

News stations’ tendency to focus on the stories that get the most viewers makes a story more likely to be inaccurately reported and sensationalized.

We can’t cover campus without the community

You, the University community, are the backbone of this paper.

My growth started with a sentence

I am a student journalist. This means that I’m a learner.

The truth has a liberal bias

The role of journalism is not to act as a megaphone for public figures.

Journalists are not your friends. They can’t be.

We thought it was worth taking some time to revisit why we have the principles we do, and in what way they protect truth and freedom. 

More journalism, please and thank you

If you want to go into journalism at UR — and we think you should — there are only so…

O’Brien talks journalism as Mel Weekend headliner

In particular, she recalled that many of the stories she covered early in her career were overly sensational, often to the detriment of context and nuance.

Why student journalism matters

The Campus Times has been around since 1873. Since then, we have stood as an avenue for members of the UR community to talk about what really matters to them and to learn about things they might never have considered before. We inform, entertain, and hold accountable.