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Tarana Burke inspires with #MeToo talk

Burke said she felt disheartened after learning about the University’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations against Professor T. Florian Jaeger.

Let’s move on from punishing Jaeger

My experience of Florian is just that: mine. It is by no means a negation of differing experiences, or a lack of sensitivity to the pain he may have caused others. I simply do not want to be used to contribute to the publicized image of Florian as a depraved sex fiend when that is not my first hand experience (nor second-, nor third-hand, until I read the EEOC report).

We will do better

We recognize that establishing the right policies, while critical, is only the first step. The report also makes recommendations for improvements in climate and the processing and transparency of harassment cases.

Seligman was right to step down

By any realistic standard, it’s clear that Seligman would not have been able to continue leading UR.

Frustration not forgotten after investigation

The demonstration — which drew dozens of students, alumni, and faculty —  found gatherers expecting more from the University and hoping for change as Richard Feldman transitions into the school’s presidency next month.

Feldman, set to take on presidency, plans for the future

Feldman said an official website should be live soon with information about the recommendations from the recent special investigation report on UR’s handling of the Jaeger case.

Letter: White report moves UR, and women, backward

We write to express our sincere concerns about the Mary Jo White report and its impact on our community and students everywhere who face sexual harassment.

White investigators broke confidentiality agreements with witnesses

When the investigation materials were first made public, several documents contained witnesses’ real names.

Honor our experiences and keep the conversation going

The University now has an opportunity to create changes that could lead to an open and respectful campus environment in which every student and faculty member is able to pursue their educational goals.

In interview, White addresses questions about Levy, independence, and more

Special investigator Mary Jo White explained that most concerns about Levy’s handling of student complaints fell outside the scope of her four-month investigation.