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A message from the graduate student association regarding recent events

We commend the efforts of the undergraduates and SA—their support of the graduate community has been tremendous.

Seligman comforts the comfortable

Neutrality in the face of catastrophe only serves to bolster the power of the perpetrator.

Seligman should resign

I won’t give another cent as long as Seligman remains president.

Some simple answers for Seligman

On the question of Jaeger, there are some simple answers, President Seligman. As you somewhat already agree — or at…

Lindsay Wrobel, protest organizer, in fifth day of hunger strike

Wrobel has no plans to stop until University President Joel Seligman fires Professor T. Florian Jaeger or resigns himself.

At town hall, some students quietly fear protesters

Although they felt that protesting students had treated the president unfairly during the town hall, they did not want to be hounded for speaking in his defense.

Nationwide, professors concerned by UR’s handling of Jaeger

One professor said that, based on the results of similar situations, she’d be surprised if President Seligman doesn’t resign.

‘UR Failing Us’

Hundreds of protesters railed against the UR administration last Wednesday in a defiant, pleading, and sometimes tearful demonstration, which traveled…

Breaking down Seligman’s bad arguments

I may not be as accomplished a legal scholar as Joel Seligman is, but I have been a competitive debater for 10 years and led the Debate Union as its president for two years — so trust me, I know how to call out a bad argument when I see one.

Protesters find hidden writings on Jaeger’s school site

Jaeger said the page originated from his pre-grad school and grad-school days and was a place for him and friends to exchanged poetry and other writings.