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Your hair may be fried, but you don’t have to be

Who am I when I’m not new and fresh? This question, to say the least, haunts me.

Code switching and moving between worlds

A big problem with being active in so many worlds is not only the struggle to fit into one world perfectly, but determining when it’s necessary to speak a certain way in a shared environment.

What I’ve lost and what I’ve become

If you could visit your first-year self — whether that was a few months ago, or a few years — would you recognize each other?

I’m more than my MBTI

I was completely unrecognizable, with no authentic bone in my body. As I became more obsessed with the MBTI, my life began to revolve around it, extending towards the people around me.

Call me by my name

I hate that my name has to become a thing the first time I meet someone.

The infinite supermarket of labels

Nowadays, there is a special term for almost everything under the sun.

The privilege of white lies for a biracial Asian-American

Although some people can immediately tell that I’m Asian, there’s an undeniable privilege in knowing that passing as white is even an option for me. While I have had moments like last March where I’ve felt fear because of my race, I’ve never been racially discriminated against, and that’s something I don’t take for granted.

Fragments of an Asian identity

My mother was right. In America, we will always be seen as Asian first and as people second.

You might need a linguistic attitude check

How many friendships and romances never formed because of the biased assumptions we have about language?

Identity clubs and commitment to diversity

There are many student organizations on campus based on culture or identity like the Korean American Students’ Association, Spanish and…