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Review of Nightmare Manor

The heavy iron doors were ice-cold  and seized up my hands completely. My friends and I followed the eerie dark…

CT Spooky: Meliora Witches Brew

From your campus demon girl who lives in the tunnels, this somewhat involved recipe will make the dead rise from the grave just to get a taste! 

CT Spooky: The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad frat party line

As the students slowly converged around the dark porch, a voice of authority made his will known. “Get the fuck off the porch or nobody is getting in!”

Scary movies are scary and also bad

I have better things to freak out over than fictional monsters.

Halloween needs more men in crop tops

Satisfaction in the self can only come from experimentation and being allowed to express your style the way you want to.

The peristeronic postmodernism of Halloween

“Who are you supposed to be?” That’s a bit loaded, isn’t it? Aren’t we all trying to figure out what we’re supposed to be?

Six spooky spots on campus

It’s not actually that close to Halloween yet, but that didn’t stop these campus locations from being creepy as all get out.

Halloweekend, reviewed

I love Halloween because I love pain and watching Disney's "Hocus Pocus." I also like ghosts and being ghosted, mostly…

With Halo-Halloween, FASA celebrates with a Filipino dessert

The Filipino American Students’ Association (FASA) welcomed Halloween a few days early with their annual Halo-Halloween event. The Douglass Community…

Build a trick-or-treat bag and we’ll predict your Halloween

Will you make it home with your candy or will the frights get the better of you?