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Everybody Talks: Will we remember them?

One reason of many why I’m so fascinated by the world of sports is because I’m a sucker for a great comeback story, a narrative about defeating all odds, a story about triumph. Trust me,  these female narratives aren’t short of exciting. But let’s try to remember them, shall we?

Everybody Talks: How Much Do You Know About Women’s Sports Here?

How much do you know about female athletes and their teams here at UR?

Everybody Talks: Leave the safety on

Movie theaters, nightclubs, music festivals — could a stadium or an arena be added to the list? It could be, but that isn’t the point.

Everybody Talks: Stars in the making

Confidence and empowerment are the heart and soul of the group. Its weekly clinics have given its young women determination, a sense of self and socialization.

Everybody Talks: The sound of silence

“The lawsuit is coming,” Mike Danger and Gene Battaglia said on their on their show “The Sports Bar.” Well, the lawsuit is here, and has been since Aug. 29.

Everybody Talks: Progress is a ‘Battle’

The film provides its audience with an accurate depiction of progress as we know it: excruciatingly difficult, but worth it in every sense of the word.

Everybody Talks: Black opinions shouldn’t have to take a knee

The main takeaway from this weekend’s Twitter storm is that the president continues to manifest his apparent issues with people of color.

Everybody Talks: For women, politics pervade sports

The debate surrounding sports’ role in politics raged on this week as ESPN came under fire because of a tweet…

Everybody Talks: The truth about 22 Harvest Street

The kidnapped students’ brutal torture was not the most jarring part of this story — it was how a player who dealt drugs and committed violence could remain untouched on UR Football.