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A response to Dr. Chatbot and student complacency

If we can present it as a fun opportunity rather than one more duty in an already exhausting time, then by all means we should.

Cheers and jeers: Spring reopening

Cheers to not needing to enter a pause. Yet.

UR needs to lighten up its winter campus

We need more light, so why not get creative with it?

Muskaan’s Musings: Will coming back to Rochester be worth it?

I don’t know If I’ll get to enjoy even a fraction of the aspects of college life I took for granted before COVID-19.

Take a closer look at Wilson Commons’ war memorials

If we’re callous, careless, or ignorant in our memorialization of those who gave their lives for this country, can we really say that we’ve honored them?

An open letter to openers, closers, and people with keys

Rerouting around these locked doors over the past few weeks has me thinking about the way physically disabled students go about their days.