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Sitting down with SA president Sabeet Kazmi on SA updates

Sabeet Kazmi, SA President, reflects on the school year so far, current initiatives involving MERT and Aramark, and plans for the future.

Yellowjackets need a 24-hour hive

A student should always have a place to study, and the library should be that place.

Undergrads’ thoughts on overloading

When a student requests an overload, they usually agree to a rigorous schedule. Almost all students have additional responsibilities, such as work, extracurriculars, and research positions.

Winter and summer sessions can’t just go on, business as usual

UR has chosen to allow expensive tuition to be a barrier, making winter session practically irrelevant for students on any sort of financial aid.

You’re so loud. I’m trying to pay attention. 

We (and the government) pay a lot of money to ignore someone significantly more experienced than us, in classes we picked, for hours every week. 

Dear bushy tailed, wide-eyed, overachieving fresher

My first semester at UR was a shitshow — unbalanced, sleep-deprived, anxious, and toxic. Don’t get me wrong: I collected…