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What’s in a euphemism?

Since Reagan, the American right wing has used euphemisms to disguise cruelty under nonsense phrases, shift public discourse, and couch unacceptable actions in a kind of abstract political mystique.

Everyone needs a break right now

We 100% support the decision to cancel fall break, but there has to be something to replace it.

Absentee voting matters

If you’re eligible, you can participate in something larger than yourself.

YoUR vote matters

This story will stay on our front page until Nov. 3, because the Campus Times believes voting is that important. Yes, you need to protest and show up for causes you care about, but it means nothing without the follow-through. Participate in the democratic systems that facilitate change.

Care about what politicians do, not just who they are

Don’t let Harris’s image, however you have experienced it, cloud your judgment about her nomination.