Senate Summary: 3/6/17

Editor’s Note: “Senate Summary” is a new feature in which our writers will let you know what happens at each…

Standing with Standing Rock

Standing Rock signifies much more than just a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Avoid the echo chambers surrounding Palestinian Awareness Month

Rather, we are asking for holistic support that allows Jewish and Muslim students alike to express their opinions throughout Palestinian Awareness Month.

Emotions and argument fill town halls on arming Public Safety

Perturbed by the prospect of arming Public Safety officers, UR students and employees worried at two recent town halls that…

UR diversity, beyond the numbers

There seems to be a common sentiment—the UR community needs to take a hard look at its standards for diversity and representation.

Salen-Murali campaign ends amid Campus Times investigation

The evidence presented to the pair came from an exhaustive Campus Times investigation, spurred by an anonymous tip, which raised questions about Salen and Murali’s bid for the highest offices in SA.
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“We’re Better Than THAT” campaign architect responds to student criticism

Provided by the Campus Times because it thoroughly addresses common criticisms of the campaign and contains a wealth of information we were unable to use for our article, yet believe is important for the student body to see
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Tainted water and lives in flint

It is truly sad to see that the residents of Flint, Michigan, are reduced to such a sorry state, with their main source of water so heavily tainted.