UR diversity, beyond the numbers

There seems to be a common sentiment—the UR community needs to take a hard look at its standards for diversity and representation.

Salen-Murali campaign ends amid Campus Times investigation

The evidence presented to the pair came from an exhaustive Campus Times investigation, spurred by an anonymous tip, which raised questions about Salen and Murali’s bid for the highest offices in SA.

“We’re Better Than THAT” campaign architect responds to student criticism

Provided by the Campus Times because it thoroughly addresses common criticisms of the campaign and contains a wealth of information we were unable to use for our article, yet believe is important for the student body to see

Tainted water and lives in flint

It is truly sad to see that the residents of Flint, Michigan, are reduced to such a sorry state, with their main source of water so heavily tainted.

The chemistry of BBQ

If you’re looking for a unique place to grab lunch on campus, running low on your meal plan, or just thinking that eating some barbeque made by your chemistry professors sounds cool, try checking out the chemistry department’s weekly barbeque.

5K Challenge finds itself in hot water

Hot water dispensaries will be installed—likely soon—throughout the River Campus Libraries, as the result of the winning proposal to the annual Students’ Association Government 5K Challenge.

Holly Crawford to replace Ron Paprocki

UR administrators announced on Wednesday, Oct. 21 that Senior Associate Vice President for Budgets and Planning Holly Crawford would succeed…

Alumni group sponsors book collecting contest

The Friends of the University of Rochester Libraries is sponsoring a book collecting competition for undergraduate and graduate students. This…