Club Sports

Hockey is ‘eternal,’ transcends gender for bidstrup

After the collapse of the women’s team, the longtime player was finally granted permission to join the men after being denied a spot on the roster last season.

Rugby dips after rank

The UR Women’s Rugby team boasted an undefeated record this season, a light spot despite being routed by SUNY Cortland on Saturday in their first game of postseason play.

Club squash welcomes women of all stripes

With an opening match against Denison University on Nov. 5, the Women’s Club Squash team is getting ready for the upcoming season with a new roster.

Club boxing lands a hit

This week, the Campus Times sat down with members of the UR Boxing Club—a new club that's taken off quickly since its inception in 2012.

Lacking funds, not spirit

UR Men’s Club Soccer rests at the intersection of love for the game and commitment toward it.

Rugby can’t be ruffled

UR’s Women’s Rugby team, nicknamed the “Sledgehammers,” is not to be messed with.

Men’s crew starts season with fresh faces

Including the retirement of their past head coach, John Bernfield, the team has seen their entire coaching staff replaced in the past month.

For newbies, Women’s Ultimate makes sports EZ

The Ultimate Frisbee spirit is one of respect and sportsmanship, as the game is played without official referees.

UR Cheer is pure competition

It’s clear that this team is ready for future nationals competitions, and deserves the UR community’s attention.

Quidditch makes fantasy reality

Quidditch is speed, endurance, toughness, and tactical savvy. It is a pitch full of unrelenting brutes, who are unafraid to take a blow from the adversary in the name of the sport.