In Memoriam: Miguel Rodriguez

After the news of former Sports Editor Miguel Rodriguez’s passing, the Campus Times received multiple submissions from his former co-editors in his memory.

Learning to love love

Ah, Valentine’s Day — where the sickeningly sweet smell of chocolate fills the air, and it seems like you can’t even turn a corner without seeing some egregious display of love.

Raised for success: the toxicity of being the best, all the time

Maybe we focus more on the few failures because they're outliers. Or maybe people want to see them fail because they can’t fathom their success.

Call me by my name

I hate that my name has to become a thing the first time I meet someone.

The infinite supermarket of labels

Nowadays, there is a special term for almost everything under the sun.

Why affirmative action is beyond pity points

My best friend in high school was Brown, queer, and a woman in STEM. And she made sure everyone knew it. Especially college admissions officers.

This is what cancel culture taken too far actually looks like

The right absolutely loves it when the left eats their own. Because it makes us weaker.

Finding home

I was suspended in limbo — neither Rochester nor my hometown was truly “home.”

The smells of cigarettes and alcohol

I never believed my parents to be addicts. Or maybe I did notice, but it never seemed wrong.

2022 is “MY” year

Isn’t it absolutely bonkers that every year, we subject ourselves to the idea of keeping up with one particular “promise” for the entire year, when most of us can’t even stick to the same Starbucks order for more than a week?