Letter to the Editor

The YellowJackets respond to recent controversy

We know our experience will be inspiring, exciting, and memorable, and we hope that our hosts in Maseno, Kisumu, Butere, and Nairobi will find the exchange as meaningful as we will. We are grateful for the kindness and generosity of our hosts and humbled to be welcomed into their community.

We will do better

We recognize that establishing the right policies, while critical, is only the first step. The report also makes recommendations for improvements in climate and the processing and transparency of harassment cases.

Letter: White report moves UR, and women, backward

We write to express our sincere concerns about the Mary Jo White report and its impact on our community and students everywhere who face sexual harassment.

Honor our experiences and keep the conversation going

The University now has an opportunity to create changes that could lead to an open and respectful campus environment in which every student and faculty member is able to pursue their educational goals.

After administration’s inaction, harassment and sexual misconduct policies need oversight

Dear faculty, student, and staff colleagues: Since the public disclosure of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against the University…

Necessary steps taken for students in need

UR’s welcoming of hurricane-affected students from universities in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as the SA…

In defense of evolutionary psychology

Humans experience pain when they’re injured. Humans care for their kin more than for individuals who are distantly related. Humans…

Donations are for current and prospective students alike

My letter is in your response to your editorial regarding alumni contributions to the University on Oct. 27. I have…

iZone will exceed expectations

Last week, the Campus Times Editorial Board offered an unflinching — but, if you ask me, unconvincing — critique of…

Special Committee’s investigation is too much, too late

To the Special Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of Rochester I was a Ph.D student in…