Ed Observers

Our Wi-Fi is a joke

Just ask our humor editor.

On image and art

The machine that is the music industry puts too much emphasis on an artist's brand than their creative output.

Sticks and stones

Turning over the old phrase "actions speak louder than words".

Unconditional love

There are a lot of things that Web MD can't teach you when your mother succumbs to dementia.

The invisible minority

There's a minority that is present on this campus that no one really talks about or acknowledges except for the people in it - people of a lower income.

Let’s see school spirit

The UR has some school spirit - but it should definitely have more.

Thoughts for food

The University's food options are anything but satisfactory.

Lots for all

A delve into the University's parking problem from the perspective of a freshman.

Obama and the left

Understanding Obama's failures as president is critical to understanding Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign.

What’s next for the Campus Times?

The reality is that when people are reading the Campus Times, they aren’t picking up a physical copy—they’re seeing a link on Facebook or Twitter and following it to our website.