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A tale of two cities

Rochester champions people who fought for the less fortunate, and perhaps that makes it more able to accept that things need to change, rather than simply looking the other way. 

Laundry room etiquette during COVID-19

It’s already a sin to take someone’s wet clothes out of the washer (and not put them in a dryer), but it’s even worse to do that when we’re in a pandemic.

I know you can talk, now show me you can listen

You don’t change minds without listening to what they’re saying in the first place.

Make sure your motivation is yours

Once the goals you work toward for other people’s approval or money come to fruition, you might find yourself much less satisfied than you expected.

The drinking age has kept speakeasies around

Perhaps the most important source of power for fraternities is alcohol.
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All of Rochester is depending on all of us

There is a special kind of irony in a student receiving the privilege of a higher education transmitting a deadly disease to some of the most vulnerable people in the nation.

A letter from the Editor

So why do we do this? Why bother adding our amateur-hour content to the information overload? Because it's fun to care.

Farewell transmission

Why is it all ending this way? Partly because of the unavoidable chaos of disease, and partly because of the inevitable march of time.

Campus Times will return to print

The dust of this pandemic is far from settled, but it’s safe to say no one will deny the merits…

Making peace with introversion

Beyond just wanting to blend in, though, I was always stuck on the idea that bigger personalities could accomplish more.