Ed Observers

Finding my way with Google Earth

Instead of having friends when I started high school, I played around in Google Earth. When you’re starting to leave…

It’s always about race

Being a black person means you have to live in a world where you are constantly reminded of the color of your skin.

With hobbies, put enjoyment before achievement

I’m not a musician. I haven’t been dancing since birth, nor have I been playing the same sport for 10…

Finding life in the obits

Death weirded me out. But obituaries took death and did something nuts with it.

How to interact with Africans

Make sure your every word drips with the sympathy that they came from a far country.

Dealing with cultural food in the dining halls

Checking dining hall menus is a daily ritual for me. As a first-year restricted to eating food on campus, I…

Some problems we need to address

As a junior, I think I’ve gone to school at UR long enough to have complaints that deserve an airing on a public forum.

Why UR should have a summer session

Say goodbye to winter blues, and spending months looking unsexy in your puffy winter coat.

Valentine’s Day has lost its meaning

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love — in theory. In actuality, the day has firmly established itself as…

An update on updates

The future of CT offers boundless possibilities.