Editorial Boards

The perils of all-or-nothing romance

We should be honest with ourselves about what we need from our friends, so we don’t solely put the burden on our partners.

UR needs to take the weather seriously

UR is known for its policy of not closing during severe winter storms. How does this affect the students, staff, and faculty?

Beware the lens

We’re all biased. It follows that our friends are biased too.

Manglesdorf promising, but faces challenges

For now we are cautiously optimistic, but actions speak louder than words.

The stakes are lower than you think

Sleep and diet can fall by the wayside when a cumulative exam remains to be studied for.

We put study spaces in their places

With finals just around the corner, we’ve compiled our rankings of some major study spaces on campus, from worst to best.

Why the gun proposal needs a public forum

Following the gun proposal by DPS, the Minority Students Advisory Board (MSAB) asked the administration for a public forum.

Sports are all about politics

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's candidness is something we should all live by.No player in NBA history has more career points than Kareem.

Gun proposal needs some backup

DPS will not disclose what prompts an armed response. They do this because “Publication might allow those intending to do harm to evade crime prevention."

Break the chain of hate crimes on campus

At UR, we pride ourselves on diversity and tolerance. But bigotry is alive and well, and our campus is sadly no exception.