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Let’s hope Feldman stays on the path

Richard Feldman, when he takes over as UR’s president later this month, will spend the majority of his interim tenure trying to repair UR’s reputation and to regain this community’s trust after last semester’s fumbling of campus outrage over how sexual misconduct is investigated here.

Seligman was right to step down

By any realistic standard, it’s clear that Seligman would not have been able to continue leading UR.

UR can’t skimp on the basics

A parking garage wouldn’t be as flashy a thing to have your name on, but it would sure make a lot of people’s lives easier.

Protect grad students from tax hike

Currently passing through the U.S. Senate and House are two version of a tax reform bill with potentially major impact…

Cheers and jeers

CHEERS to SA’s creation of a minority student cabinet position, which could magnify historically silenced voices. JEERS to the administration’s…

A welcome addition to campus media

Last month, the Language Center released its first edition of the new Language Center newsletter, which includes the Multilingual Gazette…

Are we thinking of tomorrow’s student?

The iZone, one of the administration’s latest gimmicks on campus, is hard to explain. It’s supposed to be an “entrepreneurial…

Admire the groundhogs safely

No good can come of trying to bait or goad groundhogs into human contact.

SA shirks its duty and sets a poor precedent

C’mon. SA Senate’s casual neglect in allowing someone to serve illegally for about five weeks this semester — rendering unconstitutional every…

Place a cap on peak-time Tapingo

Tapingo can seem like a miracle, but in practice, it’s too-often a messy affair. At non-peak times of the day,…