Editorial Boards

The day off was an inch. We needed a mile.

We’re tired of administration giving small wins to student activists instead of addressing the underlying issues.

Make a mask a part of your Halloween costume

We’re doing so well keeping our campus open and free from outbreaks, but we’re one unmasked party away from shutting everything down.

Everyone needs a break right now

We 100% support the decision to cancel fall break, but there has to be something to replace it.

Online courses don’t have to be a pain

In a hybrid world, technological aptitude is an important aspect of teaching, and we need Zoom courses to work in order to get our money’s worth.

UR needs to do better on reporting COVID-19 cases

We should not have to read between the lines to know how safe our University is.

YoUR vote matters

This story will stay on our front page until Nov. 3, because the Campus Times believes voting is that important. Yes, you need to protest and show up for causes you care about, but it means nothing without the follow-through. Participate in the democratic systems that facilitate change.

Avenues for student expression are dwindling

When things get hard, the University simply removes the source of the problem, with little discussion or debate around the issue. 

It happened here. Will it change here?

The University’s expressions of support for Black lives are at the mercy of the news cycle. 

We are still in a pandemic

We always think it can’t happen to us, until it does. We are not immune.

We all want ‘normal,’ but normal can’t happen yet

You have to police yourself and your friends, because the University can’t.