Tutoring flyers distributed in supposed scam

On Jan. 26, DPS staff investigated a possible scam involving flyers for “High Quality Tutoring” being passed around in two classrooms.

Two more suspects arraigned in kidnapping case

Jesus Castro-Ubiles and Ruth Lora are newly charged with ties to the kidnapping.

New patrol unit follows kidnapping

Formed after the recent kidnapping, the new unit will focus on giving DPS a visible and accessible presence on campus.

Indictment released in kidnapping case, sexual assault alleged

Six suspects arrested in the Dec. 5 kidnapping of two UR seniors have been charged with a litany of crimes—including predatory sexual assault.

Students safe after kidnapping; six suspects in custody

UR seniors Ani Okeke Ewo and Nicholas Kollias were rescued by a SWAT team on Sunday, Dec. 6 after being held captive for more than 30 hours in northeast Rochester.

Drug dealer robbery in Brooks Crossing lands UR student in jail

A UR student who allegedly orchestrated the robbery of four drug dealers in Brooks Crossing was arrested and charged with six felonies.