Poking fun at the news: Affluenza, extraterrestrials and Sanders tattoos

Another case of affluenza has been reported in Tarrant County, Texas. Doctors say that it isn’t contagious, but can be passed down from parent to child.

Poking fun at the news: Empty planes and missing cats

After takeoff, a Chinese woman found that she was the only passenger on the plane. It was swell, until she realized that the pilots were missing as well.

Innocent birthday party act turns sour

According to this shocked mom, the children described the clown as “offensively bad,” with tricks that were “unoriginal and not meant for this modern era.”

The earth is flat, and other B.o.B.-isms

As you were preoccupied with work, rapper B.o.B. suggested that the Earth wasn’t round. He then supported his statements with debunked theories to prove why.

‘My frat isn’t like the other ones’

According to Sigma Psi Delta President and campus leader Hugh Stellar, SPD isn’t like the fraternities you hear about in the news.

And the rest isn’t history

I thought I might share with you the knowledge that I have acquired while being enrolled in Fictional History 101.