April Fools! No guests allowed.

It’s always surprising when Reslife is organized enough to announce something, let alone have a policy.

Scrapped plans for ‘Romantic lunch with Dean Runner’ released to CT

You are invited to join Jeff Runner, Dean of the College, for a romantic walk in the park on April 1, 2021.

First-year engineers hazed by Hajim school

Alumni Jacobs Rotz, who graduated from Chemical Engineering in 2012, commented, “Most first-years have taken MATH 162 by the time the trials start, so nothing can really hurt them anymore.” 

CURT 2: Electric boogaloo

On Tuesday, March 23, UR replaced the Coronavirus University Restart Team (CURT) with a new committee called CURT420.

Biden-Mangelsdorf affair revealed

This yet-to-be-formally-confirmed bombshell is expected to send huge waves through Washington and Rochester alike.

Study finds link between gaming and decreased sex life

That’s right, more and more men are playing videogames in their parents basement, and it’s having an impact on their sex life. 

Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ clearly needs more slow motion

When I found out 10% of the film was in slow motion, I thought to myself, “Come on Zack, what the fuck? Why not make an hour of it in slow motion?"

After giving the community what it desperately needed, Lil Nosey risks cancellation

We worry that the harsh consequences of cancelling will hurt not only Lil Nosey, but the community as a whole. 

UR Alum and Ex-Trump aide reveals former president thought COVID-19 was Xi Jinping prank

Desperate not to be the victim of yet another one of Xi’s pranks, Trump ignored what he saw as a fake crisis.

‘Strip for Scholarship’ work-study program announced

The “Strip for Scholarship” program application will open on April 12, and will be available to all undergraduate students.