Easter Bunny: Hoppin’ mad

Hi, I’m the Easter Bunny. I’m probably the least-appreciated figure in holiday lore. Another year has come and gone and once again I’ve received no recognition for my work. I feel like Santa gets all the credit when I do the same work that he does and more.


Did you hear about Jim? He was in a car accident. He got busted worse than this year's bracket.

The Chronicles of Picolas: The Hooker, the Cage, and the Pyramid

After three hours hiding from the police in an abandoned barn in Nevada, Nic Cage's nutritionist finally arrived. He had one question for her that would change all of our lives: "What can you tell me about pickles?"

Hell freezes over, campus stays open

Within the first day of Feldman’s presidency, temperatures plummeted over 30 degrees, freezing Rochester even deeper than the tunnels beneath the buildings.

GOP says: Ban schools

This past Friday, GOP lawmakers announced a party-wide initiative to end school shootings by banning schools.

Russia hosts Alternate Olympics to protest ban

Banned from attending the Olympics by the International Olympic Committee, Russian president Vladimir Putin has created his own.

Microsoft announces new product: The Zune

In response to Apple's market domination, Microsoft announced the release of their new MP3 player, the Zune.

Confessions of a Sony executive

A Sony executive laments their choice to turn down the movie rights to B-list superheroes now that they have become some of the biggest cash cows in movie history.

Mummies in space: Exciting new astroarchaeological discovery

“I doubt I could have found it if I were looking for it." How a blip on a long range sensor became one of the biggest, recent discoveries in astroarchaeology.

There’s no ‘good’ in ‘Goodell,’ but there’s an N, F, and L in ‘not fully legal’

For years the Patriots dominated every opponent they faced. The Eagle's Super Bowl upset reveals that there is more to their victory than field performance.