A case of mistaken identity

Bro! Campus is infested with zombies!

Dr. Chat Bot is coming for you

Did you forget to fill out your daily health screening?

On the origin of species

All species find their niche in nature. As this new comic from Rukayat Akinola and Luis Ortiz shows, some species find their niche outside of the classroom.

[SPONSORED CONTENT] Announcing the new beer that will turn your fists into rockets…

You won't believe how many of your buds you can knock out cold once you've downed this cold one.

Look on the Bright Side…

Luis visits Mariama in Valentine Tower one afternoon looking for motivation to study. He finds it, but in an unexpected way.


Did you hear about Jim? He was in a car accident. He got busted worse than this year's bracket.

Cartoon: Trumpy Claus

Donald Drumpf prepares for the War on Christmas