Research Rochester

Research Rochester: Hoang’s psychology research connects to her Vietnamese roots

Hoang wanted to connect her interest in psychology with her Vietnamese roots. She began working with Thuy-Vy Nguyen in the psychology department at UR to investigate parent-child relationships in Asian cultures.

Research Rochester: Mislati uses ultrasound to research cancer

Mislati didn’t expect to become involved in biomedical research as an ECE major. “As an engineer, you start off here thinking you’re just going to work with hardware. ECE allows you to work with systems,” Mislati said.

Research Rochester: For Professor Ghaemmaghami, Research is a Labor of Love

Ghaemmaghami became interested in biochemistry when he got involved in research as an undergraduate at McMaster University in Canada.

Research Rochester: Mouton champions diversity and resilience in academia

Last year, Mouton fought to establish the Womanist club on campus. After much debate, the club was granted recognition last spring.

Research Rochester: Betancourt investigates wound-healing abilities of the naked mole rat

Naked mole rats have exceptional longevity: while a mouse might live for a maximum of five years, there have been reports of 34-year-old naked mole rats.

Research Rochester: Kapner enriches Rochester community through linguistics

In Professor Grimm’s lab, Kapner studies nouns that could be perceived as non-specific — termed “weak definites.”

Research Rochester: UR researcher engages community in Ladakh, India

As part of the Ladakh Project, Benson spoke with members of the Ladakh community to get local perspectives on the dilemmas facing the region.

Research Rochester: Pillow encourages resilience through dance

“It’s about celebrating how you can move, how useful that is and how beautiful that is. Everyone moves, so everyone can dance.”

Research Rochester: Biochemist Hoey finds candidates for bio-based materials

Scientists, including Madeline Hoey, are working to develop bio-based composites from plant waste to replace unsustainable petroleum-based materials.

Research Rochester: Senior astrophysicist explores the mysteries of the universe

Astrophysicist Elise McCarthy spent her summer at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in La Serena, Chile, characterizing Reticulum III, a dwarf galaxy so small, it might not be a galaxy at all.