Will the real Ted Pawlicki please stand up?

"Democracy at its work, baby, right there. It’s tough to swallow, but democracy, man, is a tough thing."

URunning supports all speeds, all distances

URunning holds runs six days a week, with morning and afternoon shifts and designated routes and run leaders for each day.

Myo is flexible, not made for college

Myo was created a few years ago by the startup Thalmic Labs.

Spurrier’s eerie abandoned pool

With its twists and never-ending turns, Spurrier Hall always has something new to show a student passing through.

Food Recovery Network fights hunger

A national entity, FRN is the largest student movement working to combat food waste and hunger in the country.

Decorating George Eastman

Since it was erected during 2009’s Meliora Weekend, George Eastman’s statue has donned many hats, often placed on his signature hat by students in support of various causes.

Halloween inspired sex tips

In the spirit of Halloween why not try something out of character—hell, you’re already dressed up.

UR guide to lost and found

Each year, around 3,500 lost items are filed by the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

To Niagara Falls: A never-ending bike ride

On a chilly October morning, six ambitious rowers set off on a rather unconventional and strenuous Fall Break adventure: biking to Niagara Falls.

Damned either way

Despite being a “relationship person,” the majority of my sexual experiences at college has consisted of one-night stands and semi-frequent hook ups with multiple people.