High tech training tools help UR athletes fine tune performance

Beyond the obvious growth of media outlets and mediums, the emergent role of technology in athletics is heavily represented in varsity sports on campus.

The chemistry of BBQ

If you’re looking for a unique place to grab lunch on campus, running low on your meal plan, or just thinking that eating some barbeque made by your chemistry professors sounds cool, try checking out the chemistry department’s weekly barbeque.

Alumni of the living dead

People don’t live forever, though, so after 166 years, the question is: How many UR alumni are living, and how many are deceased?

Sheep and watermelon in the tunnels

Walking past the Art & Music Library, you may have noticed the unique art that lines the walls outside.

Down for pretty much anything

Down To Lunch’s simplicity succeeds where other apps have failed — and it's taking off at UR.

Public opinion on pubic hair

The proliferation of porn culture, and the lasting impacts of feminist and free love movements have confused many as to what is “normal” for pubic hair — just what is the standard at UR?

‘Deaf’ is not a bad word

Despite our generally welcoming atmosphere, there still seems to be a stigma attached to communicating with deaf students.

Know your options for male contraception, or lack thereof

The lack of choice in men’s reproductive health care is a disservice to as well as a burden on women.

Fake sunlight, real benefits

Light therapy offered at UHS can provide relief for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Around eager parents, UR Meridians face uncomfortable moments

The other side of the oft-coveted campus job is unpredictable, awkward, and sometimes even embarrassing.