Jodi Says: Drunk in Love

On Monday, Sept. 29, California governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill stating a clear definition of what constitutes sexual consent.

Essentially, this “yes means …

crypt crypt

UR Tech: The securities and insecurities of government surveillance

Liz Beson, Staff Illustrator

In many ways, last year’s NSA leak was a tipping point in the public perception of conflict between personal privacy and …


UR Kinks matches up students with all interests

Liz Beson, Staff Illustrator

Among the recent surge of new “UR Fill-in-the-Blank” Facebook pages, one page succeeded in raising quite a few eyebrows,  particularly when …

Inauguration 2

Politics: Campus style, Committee for Political Engagement

CPE students participate in political activism around the country.

Many things separate Sarah Krulik and Jenny Hansler. For starters, Krulik is a sophomore, while Hansler …


Habitat for Humanity gives families new homes and hopes

Most students use their time during Spring Break to catch up on sleep, spend time with friends and family, or simply go to the beach …

Jodi Says: Oxytocin, love potion number nine

Oxytocin is a chemical affectionately referred to as “the love hormone.” However, that title is a bit misleading: it’s not a love potion, of course. …

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UR Tech: That ‘one weird trick’ behind flashy headlines

This week’s column was supposed to be on technological telepathy. A few weeks back there was a story in the news about a neural link …


Men Opposed to Violence Everywhere: A new initiative for gender equality

On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, the Sigma Phi Epsilon house is almost empty. On the porch sits a gaggle of guys on hard chairs and …


At People’s Climate March, Rochester students rally for a sustainable future

Walking side-by-side down Central Park West, UR students joined nearly 400,000 others from across the globe in New York City on Sunday, Sept. 21 as …

Jodi Says: The Five-Year Plan

I am an adult, but only barely. I’m old enough to have sex and make responsible decisions, but let’s be real: I can’t be trusted …

UR Tech: Why tech secrets aren’t really secrets

Last week’s Apple press conference seemed like a guarded trove of secrets. Sessions for the conference were given teasing names like “We Have To Keep …


Checklist for a semester abroad

Last semester, I studied Italian language and culture in the beautiful, bustling city of Rome, Italy with the Institute for the International Education of Students …


Voices from inside the “hotel dorm”

For the past several weeks, the ongoing construction at Brooks Crossing has forced its residents into Staybridge Suites and the Radisson Hotel Rochester downtown, giving …

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Urban Fellows strives for community and individual excellence

While most students like to spend their summers relaxing, catching up on sleep, or working at a job, a dedicated group of UR students choose …


UR FOOT: Starting out the year on a high point

In 2008, a group of UR Outing Club members came up with the idea of doing an orientation trip for freshmen–a few days of outdoor …


Student Leaders Turn on Charm to Entice New Members

Year after year, Yellowjacket Weekend kicks off the school year with the Friday afternoon Activities Fair in Dandelion Square.

Clubs and organizations representing a wide range …

UR Tech: 3D Pizza

3D printers are amazing things. You walk into a lab, plug in a flash drive with a bit of software, and an object that would …

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Where in the World?

This year, UR has over 340 international freshmen, the most it has ever had. Here are a few snapshots of this year’s freshman class.


Kigali, …

Politics and Markets Project, enriching political discourse on campus

Politics and Markets Project, enriching political discourse on campus

Liz Beson, Illustrator

What do Income Inequality, Wall Street Loans, and Obamacare all have in common? If you said the letter O, you’re right, but …

Three tips for everyday debating

Three tips for everyday debating

Tiffany White, Illustrator

In class discussions or even with close friends, differences in opinion come up. When this happens, a debate is almost sure to …

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