Everything I used to think about sex is a lie

Never, in the years leading up to my first sexual experience, did I consider how someone might make me feel good.

Beta Theta bubble soccer

Students rushed around, kicked a soccer ball, and tried to score on tiny nets on the Wilson Quad this past Tuesday, suited up not in shinpads and cleats, but in bubbles.

Keep UR summer alive

Though it might feel like your work is multiplying by the minute, there is still some sun left to get your mind off of school for a bit.

Shocking yourself into gear

She is shocking her brain to improve her training.

Get the ‘Yes’

In some situations, consent is straightforward. In others, it can be murky. Let the Campus Times break it down for you.

How mandatory is mandatory?

Understanding the severity of the issues these lectures cover begs the question of why freshmen sometimes choose not to attend these “mandatory” lectures.

Off campus, on point

Despite there being some downsides to living off campus, students who do seem largely satisfied with their housing.

The secret life of librarians

Librarians are good resources for students who wish to find a particular book in the library, to search scholastic materials online, or to access a specific database.

For many students, UR’s financial aid theories don’t always match reality

The Campus Times spoke with nearly a dozen students, UR officials, and two experts to understand financial aid in practice.

College sex: just the basics

In college, talking about sex is almost a daily occurrence, and usually a weekly one in the Campus Times.