UR diversity, beyond the numbers

There seems to be a common sentiment—the UR community needs to take a hard look at its standards for diversity and representation.

Undergrad pairs with professors to fight cancer

Undergraduate science research both accelerates scientific discovery and offers a unique opportunity to undergraduates to contribute to and participate in cutting-edge research.

UR summer can be ever better than the rest

Despite Rochester’s harsh winters, summers in Rochester are rather warm and eventful. There are lots of opportunities offered by the University, and also many fun events that happen in the Rochester city area.

Calling all geeks: ‘Dandyhacks’ is back

The University will host its third annual hackathon, called “Dandyhacks,” on the weekend of Friday, April 1.

Circumcision? Make your decision

While it’s true that tetanus wouldn’t be a health consequence for most Americans, circumcision as a primary means of STI protection is a poor choice.

Dead or alive? A recap of living alumni ratio

All alumni from classes earlier than 1936 can be safely assumed to be dead, given that a surviving UR alumnus from this era would be over 100 years old.

When Rush Rhees’ son dropped out

Presidential pedigree, anarchist leanings, and the type of intellect that breeds classroom insolence hallmarked his abbreviated stint at UR in the 1920s.

The do’s and don’ts of spring break sex

A routine checkup for sexually transmitted infections and diseases is never a bad idea before and after you plan on having sex with someone new.

Thank God it’s Photo Friday

If you follow the University on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen and possibly taken part in some of the Photo Friday excitement.

The methods of the Mail Center

It’s a race—one that depends on how fast you can run through the snow, rain, and all the other unpleasantness of Rochesterian weather to pick up your package.