CT Eats: A tasty trip to Tsingtao House

It’s becoming a common trend in this column for me to eat Asian food on the weekly. Look man, I’m…

Student-developed app helps with the care of people with dementia

Dementia is difficult for patients and their families, but a new app made by a current student and an alum…

CT Eats: Spice is nice at Sodam Korean Restaurant

Our columnist Luis Nova heads over to Sodam to taste their selection of Korean dishes.

With fitness Instagram account, Cowie-Haskell promotes body positivity

"I would say fitness and exercise is a really empowering thing, but it can only be empowering if it comes from a place of love and self-care."

People Person: A boy, a girl, and a bench

“AJB here met MMS September 28, 1968. The rest is history."

CT Eats: Tai Chi Bubble Tea finds its balance

I don’t know much about the actual martial art of tai chi, but I do know that Tai Chi Bubble…

CT Eats: The Soup Spoon is just a walk away

Luis takes a spicy trip to The Soup Spoon in College Town.

CT Eats: The taste of Tandoor

That experience of delicious food, a home-like atmosphere, and great customer service brings me back every time, making it one of my go to places for eating out.

This isn’t your mother’s dinner party, unless your mom is a nudist

They didn’t advertise meetings; they didn’t mass-invite people to events on Facebook. They didn’t even have a name. They were just regular students enjoying a meal together while completely naked.

CT Eats: Mi Barrio’s is a Latino gem

The most common parts of the Central American diet are beans, rice, pork, beef, chicken, cheese, salsa, avocado, and a…