A rocky road for UR’s mascot

UR's mascot has changed it's face several times over the years—discover the road that led us to who we have today.

A history of UR’s tunnels

UR’s tunnel system has a history as long as it stretches across campus and between buildings.

Treasure hunting in the 21st century

Geocaching can make for a fine afternoon trip.

The nightly news

If you tried hard enough, you might have see the handwritten sign directing customers to the magazine section through the thicket of lotto machines and adverts.

For dancing, rhythm is recommended, passion is required

But Warren found that Bhangra was more than just Indian dancing. He had discovered a hidden passion and had developed friendships he never thought would happen.

Taking a deep breath: being a woman in the world of business

Now that Flaschner had become an advocate for herself, she could become an advocate for others.

Chi Rho, 20th century spirit group and enforcers of tradition

Chi Rho played a pivotal role in the historic rivalry between the freshmen and sophomore classes.

Leaving a legacy in campus sports

There comes a time when we meet a campus leader whom, despite their affiliation with a big group, is doing groundbreaking work for their fellow students and, we believe, deserves some time in the limelight.

One giant leap for mankind…from Earth

This is still just the beginning of the quest to find life. Only time will tell if Earth is really alone.

It’s about the journey, not the destination

The first step is to ensure consent among all parties. The next step is to get down and dirty.