The origins of the UR pig-painted gas tank

After a two-week-long email journey, I finally found what I was looking for.

The science of orgasm

The orgasm doesn't exist in a vacuum—it's just one part of the sexual response system.

Making plans for mars

But, as Musk asked, “Are you prepared to die? If that's okay, then you're a candidate for going.”

Yes, there are monkeys in Meliora Hall

Over 70,000 animals exist on UR campuses for the purposes of research.

Cross-contamination prompts allergy accommodation in Douglass

When it comes to serving a campus community of over 6,000 undergraduates, successfully accommodating the dietary restrictions of every student who walks into a dining hall can be a daunting task.

Everything I used to think about sex is a lie

Never, in the years leading up to my first sexual experience, did I consider how someone might make me feel good.

Beta Theta bubble soccer

Students rushed around, kicked a soccer ball, and tried to score on tiny nets on the Wilson Quad this past Tuesday, suited up not in shinpads and cleats, but in bubbles.

Keep UR summer alive

Though it might feel like your work is multiplying by the minute, there is still some sun left to get your mind off of school for a bit.

Shocking yourself into gear

She is shocking her brain to improve her training.

Get the ‘Yes’

In some situations, consent is straightforward. In others, it can be murky. Let the Campus Times break it down for you.