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UR Tech: Biolife

Christian Cieri, Illustrator

The creature exploring the floors of the OpenWorm project might not seem world-changing. After all, it doesn’t do a whole lot.

Poke it …

Jodi Says: The Porn Supremacy

Porn is normal. It’s efficient, it doesn’t require a partner and it’s hot. People love porn, and in this Internet age, it’s so accessible that …

Je suis charlie

Seeing Charlie Hebdo through the eyes of students

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Goldberg

On Jan. 7, two gunmen shook the world when they marched into the offices of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo …

Mop girl

Hidden Heroes: Keeping campus clean

Chelsea Campbell, Contributing Illustrator

Occupied by the daily stresses of juggling classes, homework, on- and off-campus jobs, and extracurricular and social lives, we often forget …

Campus Mail Center staff

Thank a Mail Carrier Day: A look at the Campus Mail Center

Photo courtesy of Campus Mail Center

The United States Postal Service (USPS) handles 40% of the world’s mail, which generated $67.3 billion in revenue in …


Foreign Focus: Rabat, Morocco

Photo courtesy of Lauren Connaughton

Morocco is a beautiful country filled with many different cultures, religions and languages. It sits in the Maghreb region of …


Freshmen experience their first Winterfest Weekend

Chi Huang, Staff Photographer

Winterfest Weekend began over 20 years ago with a handful of events and has grown immensely due its popularity with students. …

Jodi Says: An alternate prescription for depression

Depression is huge. Not only are depression rates within the country – within the world – ridiculously high, but also, according to the American College …

UR Tech: Password perils

Well, the numbers are in. The winner of this year’s most popular computer password is the incredibly secure and unguessable combination 123456.

I wish I was …

Jodi Says: Getting your head in the game

If you’re distracted during sex, you’re not going to have a good time. Webwork, your roommate walking in and whether you want to move in …

Burrito Bowl

Burrito Bowl serves up fresh options

Parsa Lotfi, Photo Editor

The first time you walked into the Commons this semester, you probably noticed that something was a little different. The line …

Tech Google

UR Tech: Moonshots–Business or charity?

Christian Cieri, Illustrator

The tech industry is nothing if not obsessed with big spending. Multibillion dollar purchases of startup companies and peripheral technologies have abounded …


Fifty Shades of Shadeism: Judging skin color in more ways than one

Photo courtesy of Alysha Alani

The following article contained a number of errors in the print edition that have been corrected for the online version. …


As climate threat ensues, UR looks to greener alternatives

Ali Komar / Photo Editor

UR is particularly well-known for being forward in thinking when it comes to sustainability. Just this year, it ranked 6th …


Previous UR student founds international non-profit

Courtesy of SmileyGo

The movement towards social entrepreneurship is attracting more and more followers today. Youths much like ourselves are no longer satisfied with the …

Group picture

Debate Union tackles contentious topics

Courtesy of Debate Union

UR’s Debate Union is a competitive academic team that competes regionally, nationally, and internationally in frequent tournaments of Policy Debate and …


Post graduation, UR students look towards service

Courtesy of Chris Cieri

As the first semester draws to a close and seniors begin to prepare for graduation, many students look toward the future …

Jodi Says: Pain in the ass

So you and your partner have agreed that you want to try anal sex- awesome! (Not there yet? Check out last week’s issue!) Butt – …

Pirate Bay

UR Tech: At Pirate Bay, the ship has sunk

Courtesy of Chris Cieri

It appears the ship has sailed. Or sunk, as it were. On Tuesday morning, the server rooms of the massive peer-to-peer …

Jodi Says: Getting the A-OK for the A-S-S

Everybody’s talking about Kim Kardashian’s butt, as usual, because big butts are a big deal nowadays. With the rise of the butt has come the …


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