From the Archives: The mystery of the Rush Rhees ghost

Further sightings were reported, like Bob Weiss’ first-person account in the Campus: “He’s come back! The restless spirit of Pete Nicosia has again been seen in the library.”

Terrence Tower, the remains of a dark past

Some accounts of Terrence Tower detail horrible physical abuses, while others speak to its emotional toll.

CT Cooks: Healthy Halloween treats

This pudding tastes like berry pie filling and feels like you’re having dessert for breakfast.

CT Eats: Fiorella, my delicious dietary nightmare

As someone who is both wheat and dairy intolerant, having a lot of pizza and pasta enter my system is essentially inviting my own personal plague.

UR Snapshots Vol. 3: Meliora Weekend

I was biking on campus on Friday and nearly got run over by a golf cart.

CT Eats: A taste of Greece at Kainos

I would definitely tell someone that it’s a good restaurant if I were asked about it, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to return.

CT Eats: Fusion fun at Lanai

Lanai offers Asian dishes, Hawaiian dishes, and some dishes right in the middle.

CT Cooks: Bubbie’s holiday honey cake

This deceptively simple recipe produces a sticky, sweet, and spicy cake that will be a hit with all your friends, regardless of religious denomination. 

Campus’ invisibility cloak: UR Secrets and Confessions

The Facebook page is a safe haven for UR students who have a lot to say, but don’t want to do so openly.

Cuneiform tablets: UR’s scoop of ancient history

“We often think about skill in terms of a great painting by Michelangelo. But we don’t think about the skill it takes to create the everyday.”