CT Eats: Boulder Coffee, a little South Wedge cafe, rocks

Inside, the cafe is a dimly-lit hidey-hole with old-school TV sets, fluffy sofas, grandma’s favorite loveseats, and tons of table space to sit down and socialize at.

This week in the Campus Times: Feb. 12

The Student Activities Office installed the first computer in the country used to keep track of room reservations in Wilson Commons.

CT Eats: A tasty trip to Tsingtao House

It’s becoming a common trend in this column for me to eat Asian food on the weekly. Look man, I’m…

Student-developed app helps with the care of people with dementia

Dementia is difficult for patients and their families, but a new app made by a current student and an alum…

CT Eats: Spice is nice at Sodam Korean Restaurant

Our columnist Luis Nova heads over to Sodam to taste their selection of Korean dishes.

With fitness Instagram account, Cowie-Haskell promotes body positivity

"I would say fitness and exercise is a really empowering thing, but it can only be empowering if it comes from a place of love and self-care."

People Person: A boy, a girl, and a bench

“AJB here met MMS September 28, 1968. The rest is history."

CT Eats: Tai Chi Bubble Tea finds its balance

I don’t know much about the actual martial art of tai chi, but I do know that Tai Chi Bubble…

CT Eats: The Soup Spoon is just a walk away

Luis takes a spicy trip to The Soup Spoon in College Town.

CT Eats: The taste of Tandoor

That experience of delicious food, a home-like atmosphere, and great customer service brings me back every time, making it one of my go to places for eating out.