Student startup creates online textbook exchange

After testing the system on individual campuses, Cazacu plans to expand to other schools in the Rochester and Philadelphia area. At that point, he would expect a market of over 5,000 students buying and selling.

This week in the Campus Times: March 5

Sophomore Mervin Walker and freshman Theodore Flowers are arrested in their dorms on counts of robbery, grand larceny, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

This week in the Campus Times: Feb. 26

The Rochester Campus reports that there are 153 students at UR. There are 37 seniors, 38 juniors, 42 sophomores, and 36 freshmen.

Cedar Mediterranean Restaurant (pita) pockets my dollar

$10 nabbed me a beautiful mix of roasted veggies, a little bit of cheese on top, my warm, doughy pita pocket, and a seltzer on the side to help bubble down this delicious Mediterranean feast.

Lamberton Conservatory is a home-grown wonderland

Rochester's Lamberton Conservatory, found in Highland Park, has everything from leatherback turtles to cacti. The Conservatory is a hidden treasure those Rochesterians that have discovered it.

Born in a circus, student performer juggles classes and passions

Growing up, live performance was a consistent presence in Sophia’s life. She learned to juggle at 7 years old. Her family owns over 50 unicycles, and at any given time you can find at least four tightropes strung up in her backyard.

What happens when a UR lab discovers something? UR Ventures has the answer.

"What UR Ventures does is take inventions that are developed or discovered by the University from research labs and bring those jobs to the marketplace so they can help people."

This week in the Campus Times: Feb. 19

The design for the Eastman School of Music is submitted by architects, who designed the building in the style of the Italian Renaissance.

Rare Books galleries a treasure

The display cases of Friedlander Lobby are the most immediately noticeable of the exhibits presented by Rare Books, which include cases in the Great Hall of Rush Rhees and the principal exhibit within the department just adjacent to the Great Hall.

CT Eats: Boulder Coffee, a little South Wedge cafe, rocks

Inside, the cafe is a dimly-lit hidey-hole with old-school TV sets, fluffy sofas, grandma’s favorite loveseats, and tons of table space to sit down and socialize at.