Robbins Library, a hidden gem within Rush Rhees

On the fourth floor of the building, the library boasts one of the  largest repositories of medieval literature in North America, encompassing Medieval literature all works written in Europe from the fifth to 15th centuries.

CT Eats: Campi’s deals in delectable steak sandwiches

It’s pretty unassuming. You’d never think you were about to step into a restaurant from the outside. Once you hit the inside though — my god — the inside is a treat.

Inside UR’s hulking power plant

Walking into the building, the students found themselves in a large, high-ceilinged room that looks like a garage. But instead of cars, there are four chillers parked at its far side. The chillers look like faceless Thomas the Tank Engines, with large, grey cylinders stacked on top of each other.

Campus entrepreneurs help students with broken technology

Many students have neither the time nor the means to visit a phone repair service in a store, in addition to the problem of cost. For them, Campus Tech Repair is the desired alternative.

CT Eats: Mise En Place

Turns out, Mise is not only a sandwich shop, but also a small grocery mart.

CT Eats: Fine dining at Jim’s on Main

Crashing at a diner after a long night holds a special place on the list of some of the greatest American pastimes.

Student clothing company makes giving back part of its business plan

Zeyba is a new company, created by UR students, that creates eco-friendly clothing.

Rocky: Who are they?

Students who don the costume all agree that the Rocky suit allows them a certain degree of freedom through anonymity.

Wyoma Best, a local icon

In life, Wyoma Best was a pioneer. She was the first African American woman to serve on the Rochester City…

Recent grad highlights potential for start-ups in school

With the start of the new school year comes a new opportunity for students to earn a little money, fundraise…