CT Eats

CT Eats: So much poke

I started off the week by ordering from my go-to spot for healthy takeout: CoreLife Eatery. CoreLife has tons of salads and bowls that I adore; this week, let’s talk about the tuna poke bowl.

CT Eats: Cha Chat Tea is a culinary delight

I was perusing DoorDash in search of a nice healthy breakfast one fine morning, when I came across what appeared…

CT Eats: Noshing on Nosh

I’d heard raving reviews of the food already, so upon first glimpse of the interior, I was excited to see what more Nosh had to offer. 

CT Eats: Fancy with “The Frenchie” at Roux

This week, I decided to raise the bar with CT Eats and try out a classier, more luxurious, decadent experience…

CT Eats: Hong Kong House

In the first edition of CT Eats this fall, Olivia introduces Hong Kong House, a multicultural restuarant serving everything from Asian fusion to "specialty pizzas."

CT Eats: McCann’s brunch left me shak-shook-a

Both times I visited McCann’s, I came in excited about the selection, was impressed by my food, and left a happy camper.

CT Eats: Gluten-free pasta party

Sadly, carbs can be tough to find for us gluten-free friends. So this week, for your convenience, I took on the task of testing out different Rochester restaurants where gluten-free people can join the party.

CT Eats: Fever Flavors

Hello, world. It’s me, Olivia, reporting to you from the comfort of my bed, where I have been stuck for the past week with the flu and a 104-degree fever.

CT Eats: Spicy escapade at Royal of India

The theme of the night was bold, complex, well-developed flavors. Though I am still absolutely head over heels for Haveli, I would definitely be lying if I didn’t admit that I might be pretty smitten with Royal of India, as well.

CT Eats: A mellow taste of Germany

Not a superlike, but at least a pleasant swipe right.